Tuesday, October 11, 2011


India is a land of Colours and Arts and its impossible not to be inspired by them! Warli was one of my first Styles of dabbling in Art. Its a beautiful Art Style..and over the years my love for it has just grown. The Style comes from The Warlis of Maharashtra. For more information on them and their lovely art , click here.

Some of my Warli paintings, collected over the years!
Most of them are drawn on Handmade paper.

Italic A Wedding Celebration.

The main features of Warli include The Tarpa Dance, The Tree of Life and so on. The basic concept of Warli Art is based in Nature and the human and Mother Nature's interplay as are most of our traditional Indian Arts. Probably thats what increases the beauty of it!

Tarpa Dance.

Ying- Yang Warli.

Most Warli works nowadays are done on paper. But Warli was originally done on Walls of the houses etc. with rice paste as the painting medium.
The following warlis have been done on Walls of my home.

A Warli Wall Mural.

This Warli Mural was at our previous home in Bangalore. Miss painting walls now...since the house we live in now here in Germany is rented! :(

A Warli Feature Wall.

The Warli Feature Wall was done by my sister and me at our parents home in Mumbai. Sis being an amazing Artist that she is, taught me the essentials of Warli! Will showcase her Works soon !

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  1. Very lovely
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  2. Oh I love.. love.. love.. Warli!! The third image is stunning.. Your work is lovely.. I had Warli on the wall in my old home.. !! When I do get some time.. I intend on doing it again .. this time on the garden wall..

    Thanks for coming to link in.. Super like!! :-)

  3. Warli painting is too good.thank you for dropping by my space and leaving that sweet sweet note:)