Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

With 2 days of snowfall , we have now been ensured of a white snowey christmas! yayyy...And while our village is being turned into a winter fairyland :D I for one have been browsing through all the crafty blogs for lovely handmade christmas decor and I fell in love with each and everyone of them! So my top favourite blogs for christmas DIY crafts are:

1) Pink and Green Mama.

image via

These pine cone elves are the cutest christmas decor i have seen! And on this blog you will find loads of other lovely and easy crafts as well! Simple pure DIY <3


Pretty, Practical and Easy! Ok now where are those bulbs of mine...*searching*!

3) Sweet Tidings

This somehow soothes me! Amazingly lovely and easy as well! understated yet very chic! I want!

These are just some of the crafts i want to try out or have been trying out ..Sadly my laptop seems to have been hit by the holiday bug as well..doesnt want to recognize my camera at all! :x So while i force / pray/ swear / cry / threaten my laptop into working normally ... feast your eyes on these lovely blogs and have fun!

Disclaimer : All the pictures/images on this post have been accredited to their respective sources to the best of my knowledge. I donot own any of these images . In case of any discrepancies in accreditation please bring it to my knowledge. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St.Nikolaus Feast Day!

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It was Saint Nikolaus Feast Day yesterday ...And somebody (probably our Secret Santa) ;) had left a nice bounty of chocolates on our doorstep! That felt amazingly good and warm as well!

Leaving you with this beautiful and easy DIY christmas decor

image via

Do check out the tutorial here at PaperVine. :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oceanic Love!

Its probably the cold and chill thats speaking, but I am craving for some sun , sand and heat! While a visit to India is 2 months away, I am satisfying myself with some Ocean fun! Since Pinning is now my favorite pass time, I came across this lovely Swedish blog Lilla-a-design and this cute DIY for kids.

image via

This is such an easy peasy and cute idea!

Since I was spending so much time in the ocean *(well..virtually..sigh!:( ), I also painted this:

Acrylics on Canvas

The turtle turned out ok...but I am not very happy with the background...Well will probably paint over the background..soon enough! :D

Well..back to more Virtual " Surfing "!