Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Crafts!

With 2 days of snowfall , we have now been ensured of a white snowey christmas! yayyy...And while our village is being turned into a winter fairyland :D I for one have been browsing through all the crafty blogs for lovely handmade christmas decor and I fell in love with each and everyone of them! So my top favourite blogs for christmas DIY crafts are:

1) Pink and Green Mama.

image via

These pine cone elves are the cutest christmas decor i have seen! And on this blog you will find loads of other lovely and easy crafts as well! Simple pure DIY <3


Pretty, Practical and Easy! Ok now where are those bulbs of mine...*searching*!

3) Sweet Tidings

This somehow soothes me! Amazingly lovely and easy as well! understated yet very chic! I want!

These are just some of the crafts i want to try out or have been trying out ..Sadly my laptop seems to have been hit by the holiday bug as well..doesnt want to recognize my camera at all! :x So while i force / pray/ swear / cry / threaten my laptop into working normally ... feast your eyes on these lovely blogs and have fun!

Disclaimer : All the pictures/images on this post have been accredited to their respective sources to the best of my knowledge. I donot own any of these images . In case of any discrepancies in accreditation please bring it to my knowledge. :)

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  1. Love the pine cone elves... They look soo cute...