Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Am back! :D

Sorry for being away for soooo long!!! Loads of things kept me -wise! Now am back with my first post of the year!! I hope to be more disciplined when it comes to posting on this blog!

My newest piece of work with an impasto-effect!
Acrylics on stretched Canvas.

Its the first time that i have used Metallic paints (Acrylic) though it isnt visible in the pic! :'(

Also the centre contains texture material which i have worked into a first ever attempt at Impasto!!!

Thats all for now...Till then Wish you all a very happy new year!! (late but with alll my heart) :D

Right now working on my biggest painting ever ...coming up soon! :)


  1. Poonam , that's a mind-blowing. Piece of art work...absolutely gorgeous!!I went thru each part of this lovely work seeing the varied design incorporated in to it.simply dont forget to show your home pics with that canvas mounted on the wall..effect must be wonderful with a splash of light thrown on it :)

  2. Never heard of the impasto effect before, its come out lovely!!