Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mythical Colors.

Sorry for being MIA for sooo long...but a Loooong India Trip certainly kept me on my toes! After a refreshing and relaxing holiday in the homeland am back on German grounds and back to blogging!
The latest on my " painting" front is this lovely mural i made as a gift to my In-Laws. Have a look .

"Ramachandra Rajyabhishekh"
Acrylics on Canvas

So what do you think ? Let me know below..

As of now am back to reading (my first love)...Books on the book shelf right now include a couple of P.G Wodehouses and The Pregnant King by Devdutt Patnaik. I would recommend The Pregnant King to all you book lovers out there. Well , my Deutsch books seem to be calling me for another round of wrestling with the words. Till then ...

P.S: The picture in this blogpost is mine . Please donot copy without permission. I am willing to share.


  1. Welcome back :) this painting is really lovely wish I could get such a wonderful gift

  2. Really nice art work.lucky mom in law !!:)

    1. Thanks a heap Sarmishtha! How have u been? :)

  3. nice painting..were have you vanished?

  4. @Nayana...Thank you and sorry for the late reply as well. I have joined a graduate research oriented program and hence can just not find the time to blog ..plus i am now painting as a full time job!

  5. Poonam madam

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