Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'Fun'tastic Furniture!

Hello lovelies! The week just begins for those of us in Germany ...since it was a loong weekend due to Monday being a national holiday! Went to meet friends in a nearby district and had awesome fun visiting vineyards and enjoying hot Indian -Konkani food! After all the fun over the weekend...I thought why not have a bit of fun on the blog too...So here it is..Hand-painted furniture allllllll over my home...alll done by Moi! :D

This one is a hand-painted Warli Chair...featuring the Warli dance called ' Tarpa'.

This is the side view of the legs of the chair.

Since its usually the two of us at home..hubbie n me..we decided to conserve space by getting a folding dining table with two chairs...so when we have family n friends over..we extend the table and the following dinner bench serves as chairs. The dining table arrangement will have to wait for a later post!
The top of the bench is painted in the Mewar style. Acrylics on wood.
It depicts an elephant procession .

And last but not in the least..my fav...A side table whose sides I have painted with a Symbolic Sarasvati!

This is the other side of the side table. I calligraphed it with the Sanskrit Shloka of:

"Asato Maa Sadgamaya....

Both hubbie n me wanted a house which imbibed the Indian essence in every nook n corner..What better way than to create a fun and ethnic look which is unique to your home! And me being a self-taught amateur artist for over 4-5 years didnt hurt either!

Also..just to clear things... No am not Schizophrenic.. as my friends claim "Writing on every surface available is a sign of serious mental problems!" :D I just like to paint on every available surface! :P

Well..so much for now... More painted furniture is on the way..but these things take time.. me being a lazy bone doesnt make things much better too! :D So what did you think of my 'Fun'tastic Furniture... did u have fun looking at them as much i did painting them?! Let me know what you think!

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Until the next post...Stay creative dearies!

Disclaimer: All the photos on this blogpost are mine and are clicked by me. Please donot use without permission/Credit. I am willing to share!


  1. Poonam , you are super talented .love each of yur paintings on the furniture.will wait for some ideas from your side.

  2. oh my gosh!! I like.. I like.. the warli chair.. and the chest.. and everything else.. Wow!! Love that lotus painting in the back ground.. and have told you that before.. :-)

    Hey.. Have you tried decoupage?? Can you tell me how to do it?

  3. @ Sarmistha..Thank you for your lovely comment..appreciate it!

    @ PAtricia...thank you again! :) Yes..i have tried decoupage...but all of that stuff is back in India..but i sure can try some here...Also...its pretty simple..all u gotta do is cut up a design of your choice and glue it to the base..then just apply Varnish all over and let dry. Thats the most simplest technique. Another one is to glue the design onto the base and then blend the design carefully with paints! Hope this helps!

  4. you paint really well and the sitar looks so detailed, i must say there's a lot of hard work and time gone into it, good work. :) - squeakycorner

  5. Very beautiful... The idea to paint on furniture is very innovative ! Btw, how do you protect the painting on the dining table from water or other spills ?

  6. Very pretty! I love painted furniture and I also want to modge podge a few pieces in my home, but I am looking for the right prints. Not found any yet. Your pieces are amazing!!

  7. @ Prachee..thank you for your sweet comment! yup..its hard work and time-consuming but fun!
    @ Somu...Its not on the dining table..but the seating bench..so hardly any spills..but u can always coat the paint with varnish and let air-dry for an appropriate amount of time! Ty for ur kind comment!

  8. @hvp,vaishnavi and notyet1oo..ty for the comment! Appreciate it!

  9. This is fabulous!! love the painted furniture...and am waiting for the dinner table post...I need something like it..so an idea will surely help!!
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

  10. Just discovered your blog! Gosh, you're talented! Love that bench!

  11. Wow! Poonam, you are extremely talented! You've done such an awesome job of painting these pieces, love the warli chair:), and the elephant bench, and the lotus...:)