Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Legends , New Colors

I have always been fascinated by our Indian legends.Over the years , I have collected a huge treasure of these books..One such legend is from the Ramayana . The Kishkinda Kanda is a beautiful chapter of this great epic. In it you will find a veritable treasure trove of stories...One such is seen in the Sarga 58 when Sampati narrates his story on hearing of his brother Jatayu's death.

Acrylics on stretched Canvas.

Close up of the border

This painting of mine depicts this very story..of Sampati and Jatayu's younger days.
Both brothers in their younger days used to compete with each other showing their flight prowess. However, one day Jatayu's excitement gets the better of him and he ends up very near to the scorching heat of the Sun. Sampati with all his brotherliness , shields the young Jatayu , thus losing his wings and falling on Mt.Vindhya in the process. Sampati is never able to fly again in his lifetime.
This story of love and sacrifice is what I have tried to bring out in this painting!

Linking this to Patty's Weekly Story-Wk 58!


  1. Awesome work Poonam, love the colors, the details, and the thought behind the painting!

  2. loved ur artwork!and the legend behind it!!thanx for sharing...truly amazing!!

  3. Thank you Ambika and Brinda..for your very kind words.Appreciate them!

  4. Wow Poonam , what a lovely painting. I am so inspired.will try to draw something on that line.till then enjoyed your work immensely:)