Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hanging Gardens!!

I am totally in love with Pinterest...Its a site which keeps me engaged and absorbed for many a happy hours! While i was going through some DIY decor stuff..I came across this

...And totally fell in love with the ingenuity and beauty of the whole idea! Its sooo innovative and pretty..Though I dont exactly have a green thumb or patience to clean up the floor that this might make ..I totally adore the idea!!

What a delightful start to the week...:D. So what do you think of the idea? would you make something uniquely wonderful like this for your home to add a touch of green?

Do visit the website to which the image is credited...String Gardens. They have even more unique ideas there!
Have a great week my sweets! :)

Image Source: here and here.


  1. How beautiful !! Thanks for sharing !! I am off to check string gardens.. ;-)

  2. these are indeed beautiful, though I have never done much with the greens in my home, I would love to try this one fine day :)