Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This is one delayed post on Diwali..But forgive me for my tardiness...been quite busy playing the hostess to friends. While its not been the same as being in India..we had our share of fun nonetheless! Lighting tea-lights instead of oil diyas , explaining to neighbors what Diwali is with my almost non-existent German Language skills was all fun too! Here are some glimpses of our Diwali :

The one thing i missed most was a Rangoli...sadly couldnt make one this time! :(

Hope you guys had as much fun during Diwali as well!!! A belated happy Diwali again to all of you!!


  1. Your blog is so beautiful!!Loved and enjoyed all your posts!!! Your paintings are awesome..and the table you have painting is absolutely gorgeous!!!! the painting on your blog header is lovely..did you paint it as well!!

  2. A belated happy Diwali to you too:)

  3. lovely blog poonam.first time here and loving it.i rarely get time these days,so i dont have the time to discover new blogs.regret for not having not found you so far dear.

  4. Lovely decorations, Poonam! I loved the Diwali cut out.