Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Paper weights!

On our last visit to Mummelsee ( a beautiful glacier-age lake in Germany) , I picked up some smooth rounded stones. Since then , they have been dropped on toes, been stepped on, landed on hubby dear's laptop and finally when he threatened to throw them away or at me, I decided to do something useful with them! :D So I thought of making them into lovely paperweights. So with a paintbrush, cans of paints and a varnish...I made these!

Both the Autumn and Winter landscapes on the stones were inspired by our trips around Germany. They make for pretty good souveniers! :D Next time will try something more Indian!

Then I grouped them together on a window sill with this handmade Twine wrapped Jam jar! :D

I was pretty late on the twine DIY wagon...but i finally made some pretty twine wrapped jars for myself! Those are going to be my Christmas decor!

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  1. Painted stone turned out great..I love it and looks great with twine jar

  2. Nice! DIY and I are meters away :-)

  3. Stones turned out very lovely....brilliant idea.

  4. Thank you all for the very kind comments! :)

  5. such lovely stone deigns. very clever idea.

  6. Lovely designs.check my blog under DIY label for pebble art.I too experimented with them.they add so much drama , right?:)