Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekend Relaxation

Yippeeee! The Weekend is here !Draw up your baths. Light the Candles and unwind in the bath with a tune in the background. Who needs heaven when all you need is a relaxing bath.
Here are some beautiful and drool-worthy bathrooms worth a mention:

LinkImage Source: here
Wouldn't you love to unwind in this cozy yet unique bath Nukkad aka Corner?

This functional yet elegant bathroom for a small home. Definitely worth looking at:

Image Source: here

This one here can brighten up anyone's day!

Image source: here
I am in love with the wall paper!!!

But the one that took my breath away is this one.

Image source: here
Zen-inspired serene baths!! wow..i want to live in here. Loved the leaf detailed lighting system.

Bathroom etiquette anyone?
Image Source: here

Just couldnt help but share this ! Probably need one in my bathroom too. Willl bring a smile (or laughter )!:D
Image source : here

Did you enjoy the Inspiration? Which one is your fav from these? Leave a comment below!

So enjoy the weekend people! Will see you all next week. Till then..Tschuess! *(Learning German or rather trying to use it as often as I can!);)

Disclaimer: The photos used in this blogpost are not mine nor have been clicked by me. Each Image has been duly credited to the source.


  1. Thank you so much for your nice comment!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,

  2. Poonam...last one is so funny:) thank you for visiting me. you have a nice start here...good luck and I am following you:)


  3. Yes.. I know the weekend feeling.. :-) I cant wait for the next one..

  4. Exactly Patricia! :)
    We had a looong weeekend here..Germany Reunification day! so double the fun :)