Thursday, September 29, 2011

A bit of India in my home

Even as I try and make a new country and place my home , memories of India rush through my mind and heart . Trying to integrate spaces in my new home in Germany with glimpses and colors of India had me looking through the internet for inspiration and the wide array of gorgeous Design blogs made me want to write too. So here it is: My shiny new blog!! And while we are at it ...I am going to share with you some India-inspired Nukkads (Corners in Hindi) of my home. Enjoyyyy!!A hand-painted Sarasvati themed side table (by your's truly ) ;). More on my current fascination with hand-painted themed furniture later.

Mehendi Candles...they spruce up any corner and look ethnically chic too! This was my first attempt at Mehendi /Henna on Candles.

Some more India-inspired Spaces around the house:

Hope u liked it!! These are but a glimpse of my home...Am linking this post to The Key Bunch's Blogversary!! The talented ladies at the blog do a wonderful job of showcasing India's huge ethnically diverse range of designs!Do check them out here.
Thats it for now.
And Wish you all a very happy Navratri!!

Disclaimer: All the photos on this blogpost have been clicked by me. They are my own and please donot use without permission/credit.


  1. Thanks for linking this post at the KEYBUNCH anniversary party, Poonam. I loved every piece of your art. The mehendi candles and the handpainted furniture are really cool.

  2. @Rekha...aBIG hug for posting the first comment!!! xoxo
    And thank you for your feedback about the Candles and the hand painted furniture!

  3. Awesome!! awesome!! Little corners of you home... are simply gorgeous.. :-)

  4. @Patricia..Thank u for taking the time to go thru the blog and the lovely comment too!!! :) Xoxo

  5. Hey,Poonam I guess Now I am able to comment :) so just wanted to say it's gorgeous :)

  6. Lovely post... Great shots... Loved the hand painted Warli chair and the henna candles...

    Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the sweet comments... Happy Blogging ;-) ;-) ...